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Ann Johnson-Murphree

Ann 6.8.2014

Ann Johnson-Murphree

Author Bio…

Born in northern Alabama, father was a Native American (Chickasaw) sharecropper who managed a farm for a businessperson from Decatur, and a mother who worked in the local cotton mill during the Depression to pay for Beautician School. Although her mother lived in the same house, she was emotionally absent since the Author’s birth. The author, raised by her father, Native American great-grandmother and an African-American woman all were great storytellers.

Instead of playing like most children, she roamed the countryside alone or with her father and at night she sat at the feet of these strong-minded individuals listening to the stories of their lives. During the summer’, she lived with her fathers’’ sister in Birmingham, Alabama; it was there that she would discover a library, and mingle with her aunt’s circle of friends that included local writers, artist, and politicians. A cabin deep within the Black Warrior Forest was the weekend retreat and filled with these people from a different life than her own. This aunt encouraged the imagination of a young Ann with the gift of her first journal, which she filled with stories over the summer. Planted was the desire to write, a seedling waiting to spurt from the warm southern heart of a child.

Nonetheless, with adulthood, the desire to create buried itself deep within, the dream wilted but did not die. It lay dormant, gaining experience all written in hidden journals. These experiences, the contents of these journals became short stories and poetry reading to share with the world.

Throughout the years along with her father, great-great-grandmother, and her beloved Aunt Francis, other influences were, Faulkner, Capote, Fitzgerald, and Harper Lee. Later in life, I discovered the warm and comic writing of Grace Paley. The Collected Stories”, the vivid poetry of William Carlos Williams; the strong poetry of Phyllis McGinley, and the world’s most exciting women, Maya Angelou are some of the poets at the top of her list.

The harshness that shrouded her life would cause her to withdraw from most of the world; it fills the pages of her writing, the heartache, the abuse, and the denial from her mother. Today, at a stage of life where she enjoys her children, grand and great grandchildren, her four-legged companion Mason, she lives in Southern Wisconsin…far from her southern roots, writes and paints daily.


Southern living, tragedy, memories, and nostalgia… 2014

By Dr. Karen Moriarty – Karen Moriarty, Author of “Defending A King ~ His Life & Legacy” [about the incomparable Michael Jackson]

“As a former teacher of English and creative writing, I approached the reading of Ann Johnson-Murphree’s “Honeysuckle Memories” with real enthusiasm. Poetry is not a wildly popular genre currently. However, I have always enjoyed it, partly because it can be consumed in bits and pieces and at any time of day or night. This book did not disappoint. I consider poems the poet’s personal journey of heart-soul-and-mind. This collection of poems is about Southern living, tragedy, death, and memories. The poet-author’s background as a child who grew up in northern Alabama, a sharecropper’s daughter who farmed for his living, colors much of her work. I enjoyed the flow of her writing, her style of combining prose and poetry, and her reflecting the imagery from her earlier memories in vivid terms.

I recommend that you buy and read this book. It is priced well — to entice the potential reader to venture into the realm of poetry. Ms. Johnson-Murphree enjoys, above all else, sharing her love of writing with others who will enjoy it, understand her better, and share her personal journey.”




My Apologies the Free download has problems…

My sincere apologies  “My Journey into Art”  offered as a free download on April 15 cannot be downloaded.  Just received word of the problem at midnight!  I will have this available as soon as possible.

Ann Johnson-Murphree

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New Painting…

I am getting to old to push so much into my days!  However, along with writing, I have been working on a new painting for my living room.  Completed and hung this morning.  Seems, that I am out of words and my last painting for awhile; thought I would share it with all of you.


24×36 Acrylic – Flowers on Burgundy background

Image0 (1)

Finished, Sofa Painting with Swag Above Painting

A glimmer of sun shines through casting shadows, one would believe it a nice day until they step outside; when this was taken the “temperature” 12 below zero!  Time to rest recoup and begin another project.  Stay warm everyone as most of us are in the deep freeze!

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The Simplicity of Life…

The human race has many possessions; as time has spawn generations of collectors where material gain has become an obsession…



Rickety Ole Man

A hot southern sun hides behind the willows on muddy Flint Creek, cotton pickers sweat falling on parched lips taste like salty brine while they wait for the Ole man to call “quitting time”…


Beyond the Voices

Disappearing into Hell

Growing old, no splendor to the body, luste has disappeared from aging eyes.  Vanished beauty unavoidable, shaded looks from an old lover causes the soul to cry…



Thanksgiving Memories…

Sharp as a diamond was my mother’s tongue, no expression in the face she wore, set frame of mind, her last wish for me a lifetime of foreboding left me in dread; it lives on from her deathbed…


journey into art29. Birth of Cotton9.Landscape #101whales3.ANNA-Mother and Child17.The Wormwood Flower


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Honeysuckle Memories, these poems are created from experience or stories throughout my life, the collection put together in 2012.


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Beyond the Voices, a new collection of mixed styles and voices during 2012 and 2013. 


journey into art

The paintings in My Journey into Art begin in 2010 with the loss of two of my children, two days apart…none perfect or master pieces, they were a source of therapy during the first year.  Some took days, others weeks as the depression dominated my existence.


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Ann Johnson-Murphree


Today I wanted to share another painting with my followers and visitors.  My daughter loves the Orca; when she moved into a new home she asks that I paint her a picture for one wall in her den that was home to many of her Orca memorabilia.  The painting below is the results; she has only one child; I instantly thought of “mama and baby” for the theme.

[Please click on the painting to see a more vivid view of colors and movement]


“Unconditional Love”




Crimson Fields… “To Jeremy”


In a field of red poppies caressed

by a summer breeze – surrendering

to twilight.  A union created by Mother

Nature is quickly blending dark and

daylight.  Among the crimson meadow

of blossoms  stands an old man, watching

the sun as it’s golden orb begins to hide

behind a tawny sea.  Art brushes, paints and

canvas in hand he follows a narrow trail to

his boat where he lives; anchored at water’s

edge,his story now woven in color about life,

as he believed it should be –




Free to live his life out next to the sea.





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The Wormwood Flower…

Several years ago when I returned to my home state of Alabama I took a short walk through some familiar woods near an old home place.  Traipsing up a mountainside, boots on to avoid the revenge of hidden rattlesnakes, I came across an old fallen tree.  The leaves were gone; rot had taken over with the outer bark pitted with worm like holes.  “From the decay of the trunk”, a lone flower grew.  Not over four inches high, not a daisy or sunflower, just a tiny flower created from the dust of the rotted tree trunk.  I took a picture!  Later when I returned home and pulled it upon the computer, the fall leaves gave it a blurred effect, yet the little flower stood alone.  Not knowing the origin, I instantly thought of a name I would have given it, “Wormwood flower”; the title stuck and I begin to sketch an image of what I remembered with the help of the photograph.  The piece is all acrylic with a technique using “salt” to create some of the special effects on the surface of the painting.  Thus, I give you an “Alabama Wormwood flower”.

17.The Wormwood Flower



[click on image to enlarge]



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