Thanksgiving Memories…

Dear Followers,

Until after the upcoming holiday “Thanksgiving”, this will be my last entry.  A sabbatical of sorts to rest and regroup for a couple of weeks, thank you for your support, I do look forward to continuing following all of you each day until I return with new material for my blog; Happy Thanksgiving wishes to you, as you enjoy the day with family and friends.

Ann Johnson-Murphree



Supper in the Churchyard…

The fall wind has swept the

leaves from the yard it is still

warm as the sun sets; evening

twines its shadows among the

gravestones, hand in hand men,

women and children are silent

in the coming twilight.

Their breath a vapor in the departing

day, the pines sway, the evening is

taking on a mystery of its own; the

winds still and each gentle soul begins

to pass the broken bread.

Clouds gather, the hues of the season

spread across the landscape, the church

tower like a shrine points toward the

Heavens;  supper in the churchyard


Oak, pine and wood shavings spring to

life as pyramids of fire leap toward the

Heavens; a slow melancholy hum flows

throughout those gathered and the night

air is filled with the spirit of the moment,

”Oh that circle want be broken…” rises to

meet the stars.

Childhood memories revisited, a little

white church, sweet secrets beneath the

tablecloths, children playing, old folks

praying, hope grew in the hearts of the

people; and in the hands of God, they

left their heavy loads.



Heaven’s Dewdrops…

A lost Soul drifts through life

following a path to anywhere

as the sun reflects off the earth,

and winds quiver in the face of

Heaven’s dewdrops.

A plum night springs to life in the

eastern sky, the ocean shines black

with frothy ashen waves, and the

moon bathes the earth as it waits

for morning.

Grief lingers in the shadows of

abandoned twilight; the sun rises

and once again, the wind quivers

in the face of Heaven’s dewdrops.



Sands of Time…

Will truth rise from the sands

of time, greed, lies, war, killings,

the way of humankind, demands,

humanity never satisfied; has

freedom died.

Hatred unleashed by wagging

tongues, the printed word now

symbols of distrust, a festering

world filled with lies; has

freedom died.

Unfit air to breathe, cannot trust

what we read, proof that there is

no truth from cold official words,

no one to come to the peoples

aid, everyone’s afraid; has freedom


Where has hope gone, countless

hunger, lost  jobs and homes,

living in fear, will truth rise from

the sands of time; has freedom

died…Please God hear our cries“.