The Insanity is Dead…

It is so cold here beside the sea, once

a place of clandestine love.  The

bastard has died, and very angry I

stand in the shadows of these ivory cliffs

with salt mist swirling around my frailness.

Oh God!

There were good memories, here

near the water, hope came into our new

world.  Soon after I grasp for salvation, “He”

the sinful one came and the good “ONE”


Nowadays, I stand old and grotesque against

the wind, emotional, filled with sadness.  The

insanity is dead… I can trust, thirst for happiness,

his evil spirit gone from me forever.  Yet, I am too

old; my future is among the ashes of my yesterdays.



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It’s a Number One World: Randy Massey vs Cliff Roberts | Novel Ideas

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Terry Irving-An Old-Fashioned View

Roberts HIT

Roberts needs no introduction. His novel “Reprisal: The Eagle Rises” has been one of the fastest selling books of the year. In one week, he went from just another author to one of the bestselling authors of the year.

2013 will be known as the year of Cliff Roberts…

Randy Massey is another author who knows all about good fortune. His book “Summoner” has been at the top of the Goodreads lists for a long, long time. He puts his enduring popularity down to God, and I think he may just be right!

Nick: Afternoon, guys!

Randy:Good afternoon, Nick; and nice to meet you, Cliff!

Cliff: Good afternoon, Randy! I’ve seen you posting on Facebook, but it’s nice to finally meet, well, sort of meet.

Nick: Okay, Cliff. Let me ask you something. What, in your opinion, makes a bestseller?

Cliff: Nick, you need…

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Start Gaining Momentum — Welcome to a new friend – Ludvig

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Terry Irving-An Old-Fashioned View

Step up!

This blog is about:

Striving for excellence through means of healthy living, philosophy and by learning through first-hand experience.

A recurring theme of the blog is to become smarter, stronger, healthier as well as improving one’s understanding and intelligence. Basically becoming better and improving in all areas of life by focusing on doing positive things every day because it adds up cumulatively in the long-term.  Another recurring theme is deciphering what success is and the mindsets of people who are successful in different areas of life. Consistently exercising willpower, focus, and building work ethic are big topics too.

About me:

I’m young guy who’s interested in self-development, personal excellence and living a spectacular life. Through this blog I convey different mindsets and paradigms that I find interesting and helpful in order to make personal progress. I believe there are universal principles and laws that govern success…

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Welcome to a new friend: Isabel Burt

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Terry Irving-An Old-Fashioned View

Novels of fantasy and flight

Let’s escape together!

Isabel Burt is a children’s author currently writing novels of the fantasy genre. Having begun to write at the age of six, she took a forty year break to be sure of the publishing climate. As it is currently in turmoil; with children’s fantasy being the most difficult area to enter, she decided it was an excellent time to return to her first passion.

To use my blog – FOR MY READERS – posts are meant for my readers (!)

As I write for older children and young adults – that is to whom I speak.

But of course parents might find them first – so please feel free to read and share with your parents!

To fly into the world of words; a world of limitless imagination and excitement…

Let’s escape together!

About | Novels of fantasy and flight.


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