Sea Giants…


In the solitude of the

night crouches Ice

Mountains floating like

pyres that wait for the

ceremonial fires.

Arctic waters move in

time with the rhythm of

the seas mystical lyre,

crossing vast distance the

Ice Mountains never tire.

Sharing the sea floats a

Steel Mountain opulent and

free, a jewel of human design

to ravish the mind.

Radiance and glittering from

port into the black waters under

the gaze of the moon, the vain

and glorious Steel Mountain

could never have foreseen its

sandy doom.

The two mountains were not

prepared to consummate an

unwanted union on that cold

and misty night, in the belly of

the Steel Mountain confidence

soon replaced with fright.

Wealth turned into an evil mate,

its unequal locked in a coffin filled

with water all too soon learned

their fate.

In silence both steel and ice unaware

of the looming catastrophe shared

the same path, the Ice Mountain moved

forward unscathed, while the Steel

Mountain quickly floated downward to

its cold salty grave.

(The Titanic)




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A silent shore,

seductive Moon,

a sinister Sea,

clouds in the wind,

a shadow lies upon

the white sand alone.


Stilled on the sparkling

crystals, almost villainous,

primeval and water worn

with broken sides.


Once imperturbable, aloft

upon white shafts of waves,

beautiful and bold, now

ancient and vacant.


The old sailing ship found its

burial ground upon a deserted

island covered in the mist of








Beyond the Voices