Sands of Time…

Will truth rise from the sands

of time, greed, lies, war, killings,

the way of humankind, demands,

humanity never satisfied; has

freedom died.

Hatred unleashed by wagging

tongues, the printed word now

symbols of distrust, a festering

world filled with lies; has

freedom died.

Unfit air to breathe, cannot trust

what we read, proof that there is

no truth from cold official words,

no one to come to the peoples

aid, everyone’s afraid; has freedom


Where has hope gone, countless

hunger, lost  jobs and homes,

living in fear, will truth rise from

the sands of time; has freedom

died…Please God hear our cries“.  






Stop the Madness…

Mother Earth, Oceans,

Lakes, Rivers, Air, in unity

with my soul; goodness,

wickedness the choices

we make gives us warmth

of spirit or a life frightening

and cold.

Morning, noon and sunset a

tingling of a new season in the

air, sighs of contentment,

burning wood; gathering of

boughs with the mist clinging to

your face like a lovers kiss.

Ah, this world is wonderful from

shadows to sunlit heights; we can

give or take, make or break fellow

human beings; give hope or

disintegrate with sadness or


We can gaze upon a world of deep

mysteries’ with love and caring in

our heart; we can impose death,

downfall, bring friend and foe to

their knees; we can destroy, rip

this world apart.

I chose to inspire the desperate,

remove their dark hope, bring

light; leave gentleness behind as

I walk into the night, wipe away

the tears of children, bring hope

to those in despair…I believe it is

time to stop this madness and

show each other that we care.




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