Healing Heart…

Apart, each day my heart would

bleed, you were a world away,

I prayed for God to bring you

back to me.  My love for you grew

And grew, steadfast and true.

The call was grave, I should have

known, all too soon I was alone.

faith wane, emotions would rise and

fall, you said that I must accept,

that you might not return at all.

My lonely heart crumbling in remorse,

you had set sail on a separate course.

I roam a house where passion lived,

your words to me, you had no more

to give.

I faced our friends with mounting shame,

they would not believe that I was not

the blame.  Yet, I had nothing to prove,

it was you, not I, whose love had been


She could never love you the same as

I, no not in a thousand years, though

she may try.  Yet, after all these years I

am on my own, sad, heartbroken and


Hold on dear heart I tried to persuade,

there will be other nights and other

days.  I will find love from happier

men, who will bring ecstasy when our

hearts blend.

Therefore, my far away love, my world did

not end, I flourish, I have new friends.

I am sorry to hear that she left you for

another, yet I am blessed, while you now

live in your self-made world of loneliness



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