The Wormwood Flower…

Several years ago when I returned to my home state of Alabama I took a short walk through some familiar woods near an old home place.  Traipsing up a mountainside, boots on to avoid the revenge of hidden rattlesnakes, I came across an old fallen tree.  The leaves were gone; rot had taken over with the outer bark pitted with worm like holes.  “From the decay of the trunk”, a lone flower grew.  Not over four inches high, not a daisy or sunflower, just a tiny flower created from the dust of the rotted tree trunk.  I took a picture!  Later when I returned home and pulled it upon the computer, the fall leaves gave it a blurred effect, yet the little flower stood alone.  Not knowing the origin, I instantly thought of a name I would have given it, “Wormwood flower”; the title stuck and I begin to sketch an image of what I remembered with the help of the photograph.  The piece is all acrylic with a technique using “salt” to create some of the special effects on the surface of the painting.  Thus, I give you an “Alabama Wormwood flower”.

17.The Wormwood Flower



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