Thanksgiving and another day in the life of Aunt Ira Mae…



Crawfish Creek Manor

Yesterday, I received an update on Aunt Ira Mae’s Thanksgiving week. She chose to stay in the Crawfish Creek area and spent most of her time with her new “Mr. Roy”. She begin with how he makes the worst coffee since the discovery of the coffee bean! There in the morning right! Their week was quiet and peaceful and they never lack for conversation.

He had told her of the love of his life whom he had lost after fifty years of marriage, and she disclosed briefly her failed forty-year marriage. They walked the pumpkin patch to find that perfect pumpkin that he would use make a pie, by now she has told him that she was allergic to cooking. In the afternoon, they had road around in his old pickup truck and found the perfect Christmas tree. This was a special time since she said he had not…

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To Perform Best in Life, Remember these six Zig Ziglar Truths…



Born to Win at:

Zig Ziglar a loved author and motivational speaker taught timeless lessons of success before his passing two years ago this month. He encouraged people to live a life of no regrets in his last book, Born to Win!

Here, in an excerpt from the book, listing some of Ziglar’s principles—how you can improve yourself and accomplish valuable, holistic success in life:

  • We generally get from others and ourselves what we expect.
  • If you expect to lose, you will. If you expect to be average, you will be average. If you expect to feel bad, you probably will. If you expect to feel great, nothing will slow you down. Moreover, what is true for you is true for others. Your expectations for others will become what they deliver and achieve.

As Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.

  • You find…

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Citizenship a “right to have rights”…




In listening to President Obama tonight, November 20, 2014, brings to mind another time in this country when prejudices were alive and thriving within the borders of the United States of America. The blood of the first true American runs through my veins and I am having a problem with the views of “immigration” in this country by the “descendants” of immigrates. These people are now citizens of this country by either birth or becoming a citizen after coming to the United States. The rhetoric has not changed throughout the years. It is like being ugly and poor, if you are not beautiful, rich and powerful you chances of getting into the “club” are zero.

My father was born in 1903, he, his mother and their people Southeastern Chickasaw’s were not recognized as American citizens until 1940, by then he was married and had two children; I was one year…

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On Making the Poetry Manuscript — New and Improved, Part I

Read, learn and enjoy Jeffrey Levine’s wisdom, a blog worth following…ajm

Jeffrey Levine

sharpenerThis and every Wednesday for the next little while I will be expanding on many of the 27 points covered in my earlier post about making the poetry manuscript. If you’ve not read that original post, it’s called “On Making The Poetry Manuscript” (October 12, 2011) and is available here.

But first . . . many poets have asked me recently about the Tupelo Press Writing Conferences: what sets them apart from other manuscript workshops and writing retreats? What can I expect to come away with?

It’s important to me (and might be to you) to distinguish what Tupelo Press Writing Conferences are about, because great writing is at the heart of any successful publishing career, and because (as you’ll see further on) if you’re to make your manuscript a more successful swimmer in a sea of manuscripts, there are things you need to know.

So, here are a…

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A tribute to Paul F. Lenzi who brings sight, sound and feelings to his work giving his fans and followers inspiration when they find themselves wrapped in his words.
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Poesy plus Polemics

"The Return of the Flame" Painting by Rene Magritte From “The Return of the Flame”
Painting by Rene Magritte

What fame is there
In tawdry scenes
Reality not drama
Famous figures
Behaving badly
Naked of inhibition
In the public eye
Fallow morality
Captured crudely
By the public lens

What shame is there
When character
Of lazy virtue
Shows transparent
No makeup masks
No costume cloaks
Conceal the truth
Iconic clay
Too limp to stand
Folds in on itself

What blame is there
For undeserved
Which part is ours
In sordid plays
Enjoying fools
Felled by folly
Miscast lives
Deluded by

Or is the headline
All that matters

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-Lost Minds.Stolen Lives-~by Angela Angela Angela

Ron DuBour’s “Our Poetry Corner”…
Thank you Ron for the support you give to all of us. ajm


-Lost Minds.Stolen Lives-

Living a life inside a steel bottle cage
With no life,darkness and a bloody sage
Fighting for real,a new turning page
Lost in nowhere without sanity on stage

In war with the unknown inside
Losing hope to see a radiant flare of light
A defective defense of a depleted soul
Lost all control with no way to crawl

Chocked with poison filled air and a slashing sight
Illusions of a world where you can’t fight
A poking sense of a blunted thought at night
Slowly taking innocense and replacing with freight

Killed reality without any consent
A murder done,every inch deeply felt
No offense for the defenseless brutal set
No recovery,bended,lost for real to forget.


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Imaginings of Night…

Come to me in my dreams, and then my heart shall be whole once again. It is the night that my heart waits for; I pray to end the hopeless lonely days.

A message from me to the heavens climbs, to a world where you live without time. It is in your new world that I hope to be, to have you always with me.

Come to me in my dreams, and then my heart shall be whole once again. It is the night that my heart waits for; for it, I pray, to end the hopeless lonely days.



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