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Some of America’s  “Hero’s”, we must always remember them in our hearts.


Thank you for your support in reblogging the last post.  First, FEMA should never ask for refunds on money they have given to support those in need.  Second, as Americans we get more support during these disaster’s from private funding…we support and care for each other more than our government does.  Third, our support to other countries also comes from private funding, from the hearts of Americans; I see the numbers that our government gives but does it go to the right people, the people in need?  Time to get down off the soap box…but too many who are less fortunate are forgotten on a regular basis in the USA; they need our voices.  Thank you so much for visiting and reading Libretto.  11.10.2014  ajm


Artists in Their Studios

Enjoy the talent of Ron Scubadiver!

Ron From Texas

I had the pleasure of speaking with Janavi in her studio.  She is also a scuba diver and we had an acquaintance in common in India.  Of this group, April Murphy is the only one that I have known for a while.  She appears with a work in progress.  Vincent Fink’s work is all about fantasy.  Paige does abstract floral paintings.  All of these artists were photographed at the Winter and Spring Street Studios Second Saturday open house.

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My Community and Reblogging…

Hello everyone, I have been gone for a few days and while away I received many “likes” on the reblogs that I have posted from “My Community”.  Thank you for following or stopping by to check out the site, and current or past post.  I enjoy supporting this community of great talent.   If you “like” a reblog, please visit the site; you may find that you want to follow these outstanding fellow bloggers.