Poetry 2014…










The Passing of Time…

Note:  Someone I admire very much is having some health problems, I had written this short poem before I knew of this and now it seems that thoughts must have transferred through a time slot and inspired me to write these words.  ajm


The Passing of Time

My body aches, after years of “beating it up” this is what it has come too. Giving in to the grace of gravity. I do not live these days in awe or fear. Yet, a baby’s breath can take mine away and these troublesome times we live in can instill fear in me for the future of this wonderful world. My spine tingles in the presence of a gentle man both young and old. I know that the passing of time is like a cool wind on a hot summer’s day, I no longer count the hours or days. Love still leaves my heart leaping.



Tongues of Fire..

The mind in a caged sleep, tears shed,

the thoughts of false caring that others

portray is a lie.  Their spitefulness in

thought held captive the sleeping mind

not allowing it to wake.  There are those

that cannot be trusted, they show concern

for their own selves and their own greed.

They are always on the prowl to take, take,

and take.  They cause pain to the minds of

the blameless and find in it joy, their tongue

of fire knows not the truth.  Yet, they will ask

you for your prayers, to engorge their own

needs.  If they touch your life, it will never be

the same.  Run, Run, Run…



A Single Violin…

A bronze box dressed in a garland of

magnolias, gloved hands, no longer

moving with grace, pale is the cold

emaciated face, no longer slim, showing

deep folds, no one can see the beauty of

her soul.  Profiled by a stain-glassed pane,

the only people there were those who would


Once flesh and blood that charmed the most

handsome of men with her rosy cheeks finally

became old, feeble and weak.  Relatives sat

troubled with bitter sneers, and unread “Will”

drove them to fear, her last thoughts about

them unclear.

Sitting in the front pew her withered old lover

was on everyone’s mind, to her his heart he gave,

stood by her side ever so brave.  It was he that

watched the skeleton form, no longer omitting a

beautiful scent; it was he that watched in horror

as her beauty went.

When death appeared at the door, tears he finally

wept, yet the old lover did not sway in the constant

vigil he kept.  He lit a candle for hope, his violin

soft and clear filled her room; he fought imminent


Once irresistible lovers lying face to face, he did

wonder if she were paying for their lifetime of sins.

One last time she opened her fathomless eyes, her

smile gripped his soul, he could not live without

her, he too would die and their story would never

be told.

The relatives that watched as he leaned forward

seemingly in prayer, their hearts filled with fault

and foolishness they did not care.  Sate-less was

their greed, serpents that had waited for this long

awaited death, missed the joining of two lover’s

souls when the flame of life left his heart.

He and his Lady would walk together in eternity, the

lovers who were destined to be together from the very

start.  Proud lovers that lay side by side, and danced to

the sound of a single violin, together again…husband,

wife, lovers and friends.



Creating Possibilities…

Let me find the river of forgetfulness,

give me a small patch of idleness,

and someone to love, pure air, serene

unexploited oceans.  Send me angels

with hope, time filled with mystery, the

means of understanding.  Let me

appreciate tearful prayers, lift the winter

and bring the spring light.  Let me not

fear the powerful ghosts in the nightfall;

let the extended hands of God shroud my

aching soul.  Let me gather beauty, have a

prideful heart, be a defender of those with

heavy hearts; lighten madness to match that

of a butterfly wing. Let me mirror happiness,

be unafraid of nightmares and unknown

things.  Echo my thoughts to the Heavens, let

me be an earthly beacon of dignity; help me

walk purposefully from age to age before dying

on the glittering sands of eternity.