A quivering glow from the

moon filtered through the

trees falling upon the garden.

The laughter of children burst

from within a cottage mingling

with the fragrance of the night.

Under a diamond sky on a gentle

wind, I watched the shadowed

night bird fly.  The stillness and

muted light lasted for what seem

like an eternity, enclosed me in an

eternal sleep; finally setting me free.





Understanding Heaven…

What lies beyond the wooded valleys

and mountains, the oceans, moon,

sun; will it all one-day fade into time

without end; eternity.  Will the spirit

move with nimbleness and with fantasy;

will time without end be ecstasy.  Will

everything be pure and divine, will love

replace the hate that lives today in earths

polluted space. 

Will pain and fatigue no longer exist; will

only tranquil and exciting wonder live

within Heaven’s glorious mist.  Like the

Morning Doves, will all have wings to come

and go unafraid of flight; to enjoy a mystical

life; one love, one language, one understanding

for all, is this what Heaven will bring?  




Yesterdays Follies…

Music, music, breaking bread,

isolated, beauty dead; fingers

frail cannot hold the glass,

remember the wine and roses

days, live, laugh, love time will

quickly pass.

Heart young, hands soft shading

emerald eyes, always considerate

and wise; long days and nights,

summer heat, hearts together


Warm eyes faded and dry, memories,

lying in cool green grass, the scent of

blossoms floating to the sky.

Cool ocean sprays, sunlit yellows flay,

misty shores, foam, Gulls high whistling,

sails worn and frayed.

Remembrances, breath upon cool cheeks,

sand swathe bodies; only memories, the

madness of youth, memories are old

people’s follies.




A Single Violin…

A bronze box dressed in a garland of

magnolias, gloved hands, no longer

moving with grace, pale is the cold

emaciated face, no longer slim, showing

deep folds, no one can see the beauty of

her soul.  Profiled by a stain-glassed pane,

the only people there were those who would


Once flesh and blood that charmed the most

handsome of men with her rosy cheeks finally

became old, feeble and weak.  Relatives sat

troubled with bitter sneers, and unread “Will”

drove them to fear, her last thoughts about

them unclear.

Sitting in the front pew her withered old lover

was on everyone’s mind, to her his heart he gave,

stood by her side ever so brave.  It was he that

watched the skeleton form, no longer omitting a

beautiful scent; it was he that watched in horror

as her beauty went.

When death appeared at the door, tears he finally

wept, yet the old lover did not sway in the constant

vigil he kept.  He lit a candle for hope, his violin

soft and clear filled her room; he fought imminent


Once irresistible lovers lying face to face, he did

wonder if she were paying for their lifetime of sins.

One last time she opened her fathomless eyes, her

smile gripped his soul, he could not live without

her, he too would die and their story would never

be told.

The relatives that watched as he leaned forward

seemingly in prayer, their hearts filled with fault

and foolishness they did not care.  Sate-less was

their greed, serpents that had waited for this long

awaited death, missed the joining of two lover’s

souls when the flame of life left his heart.

He and his Lady would walk together in eternity, the

lovers who were destined to be together from the very

start.  Proud lovers that lay side by side, and danced to

the sound of a single violin, together again…husband,

wife, lovers and friends.



God Lives Hear…

In grief sorrow gathers

memories into clusters

of time; they hideaway

deep within the mind,

spirit and soul pray; yet

the heartache never goes


A black bell tolls upon

silent ears, the soul tries

to protect the human

spirit from fear, this is the

hour of mourning, a mist

of idle breath, and tears

fall upon the brow of


Kneel beneath the heavenly

crown, remembering the

love as the eyes cast down;

loss, pain and tears battle

evil and good throughout

the years, wounds that

cannot heal; demons within

are soon revealed.

Love must dwell in a special

place, life must be lived with

grace; raise the voice to

heavens and sing, think only

of the joys the memories


Go into the future with a grateful

song; let the tears disappear, rid

life from unwanted fears, because

God lives here.




In the distant sky brooding

clouds roll, like boulders

between our souls, mine

trapped in human form;

yours in heaven gracefully


A tear, a prayer, is that your

light flickering from afar, my

eyes are dim I can no longer

cry; still I cannot say good-bye.

I had no power to save you,

weakness lies within me,

bitterness follows me in my

dreams; nothing will ever be

the same, nothing is truly, as

it seems.



In the Minds-Eye…

Imagine being on the edge

of eternity where hours have

no end, is there day and night,

are the stars close and bright.


Does the moon hang below

Heavens invisible veil; do the

stars hang by silvery threads,

and are the clouds soft like

feathery beds.


Are there beings living on planets

scattered throughout the Universe,

are their lives better or worse; do

they have a God like ours, do they

have greater powers.


Is there actually a Heaven and Hell,

are these places fiction or fact; only

time will tell, in truth one must die…

to find if paradise exist or if it was

all just a lie.


Imagine being without sorrow or pain,

if it is all true, we have nothing to lose

and everything to gain; we can allow

our imagination to wander away; but

remember to live life day-by-day.



That Final Hour…

Open my beating chest;

listen to the rhythm of

the heart whispering

sorrow in conflict with

a soul that does not

question fate, a soul

that believes in keeping



Who triumphed – the

Heavenly Host, Fear, or

Pain, as a sweet light

removed from life floated

away to a heavenly

destination, upon a sea of



Happiness forever removed;

no longer are there happy

hearts, only sadness walks

through the prairie of time.


The Spirit struggles with a

veiled eternity, despair is born;

winged hope hovers, the world

motionless as the flame of life



The sun no longer gleams, night

stars dim, days move forward

burdened with images of the past,

a time before that final hour.



Grief Never Sleeps…

There is a bright silence

in the midnight hours,

behind a veiled realm are

spirits, do they hear the

cries of those earthly souls

in pain.

Flowing through my veins

are the memories of a heart

stilled, a beautiful depression

dweller, cold, weak, no thought

of mortality; no divine oracle.

Gone from sight, now a spirit

dweller beyond the curtain of

life, still the love and the

memories inhabit the mind and

hearts of those left behind; “grief

never sleeps”.