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Come out of the Darkness…

Absorb rather than being absorbed,
life is not lived without pain,
learn from the lesson it so freely
gives. When our lives are happy
absorb the joy, when life feels like
a pickaxe in the heart engage its
meaning, learn.

We tremble with fear, lie down and hope
life will pass quickly while we hide in
the shadows of the darkness of time.
Have we salvaged from the lessons it
teaches enough to walk into the
brightness of what will come beyond this
tormented world.



The Journey…

Conception, birth and then the process
of growing older; dying is in the future
as the lifecycle travels quickly and then
the final chapter written. There are no
exceptions, only an age and date separates
all living beings.

Strength lies in the middle growing, developing
a sense of self…we bloom or we lay in waste with
the fading of seasonal growth. Life is not totally
built around your dreams, but of what impression
you leave behind during your journey.

Weep for the past and drink in the thirst of the
years that may come, be strong of heart and foresee
with the eyes of a visionary. You may at times feel
that you were never young, life being a prison of weary
pain, remember this you are not what you feel.

Deep within there is a remembrance and emotion hidden
in the heart, quiet. You may be a ghost of what you
once were…but you are still a living being and the
world applauds the reason for your birth.




My Apologies the Free download has problems…

My sincere apologies  “My Journey into Art”  offered as a free download on April 15 cannot be downloaded.  Just received word of the problem at midnight!  I will have this available as soon as possible.

Ann Johnson-Murphree

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Beyond the End…

Like the Phoenix, I have lived long,

reinvented and rejuvenated from life

experiences, reborn in spirit, I ask; where

do I belong.  I stand alone, lived things

that too many are unknown.  Happiness

never found, worthless are my desires,

quiet kindling of the fires, burned by the

flame, born, dying, they are the same.  I

want to believe that the angels will be

there and in their arms I will ascend, I want

to believe that time will live beyond the end.


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Thank you all…


Thank you all for the birthday wishes, a week of vacation had left me in need of “another” rest!

I need to return to adding to my poetry collections and I am trying to get some artwork together for a gallery street sale.  Another vacation would be nice, of course, the last one was a stay at home and rest vacation, no traveling possible.

I must get back to the job of promoting immediately as there have been no book sales in March.  Starving Artist/Writer concept is true she lives here, within me…please keep me in mind when browsing for that gift book to buy or just your own personal reading. Your support will be appreciated.

Have a great weekend.  Ann

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The Hour is Late

I would not allow you to

love me fair-haired boy, yet

your flaxen locks blowing in

the wind brought me joy.

Your knowledge was that of

the earth, your touch softer

than new fallen leaves; like a

spider, a web around my heart

you tried to weave.  Promised to

another I could not break God’s

law, you were a rare find, all

goodness and kind; my heart I

placed in a tower made to erase

you from my mind.  The years

have gone quickly I often wonder

where you could be; oh fair-haired

boy where are you now that I am free.