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I grew up in northern Alabama, my father was a sharecropper and my mother worked in the local cotton mill. My caretakers were my Native American great-grandmother and an African-American woman I only knew as Aunt Francis, both great storytellers.

A wild child of sorts playing in the woods and bluff caves like most children, mostly I sat at the feet of these elderly strong-minded individuals listening to the stories of their lives. Summers’, I would be taken to my fathers’ sister, it was she who introduced me to a library, and to her circle of friends local writers, artist and politicians. She encouraged my imagination with the gift of my first journal; these entries would be stories of the imagination.  I created my life through my stories.

Nonetheless, as a young wife and mother I became a closet writer with my desires to create remaining clandestine until only the past few years when I begin to pursue writing short stories and poetry. My greatest influence in creating a short story or a poem is the determination to validate and keep alive those many people who gave me their stories for safekeeping and the promise too, “always remember”.

The works of many writers and poets have influenced me as I worked to become a writer. Faulkner, Capote, Fitzgerald and Harper Lee. Later in life, I discovered Grace Paley for whom I was privileged to meet; I will forever treasure an autographed copy of “Grace Paley – The Collected Stories”; the vivid poetry of William Carlos Williams; the strong poetry of Phyllis McGinley, and without saying the world’s most exciting women, Maya Angelou.

Today, I try to live one day at a time, enjoy my family and my four legged companion Mason.  I look forward each day to another adventure in writing poetry and prose.  Each filled with the sadness and sorrow of the years that have gone by and live within me.

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    • My foundation was in my great-grandmother, my Aunt Vina and Aunt Francis, “Ma” as we called her died when I was 15, Aunt Francis a wonderful black lady who help care for me died when I was 16, at 17 I left and rarely saw any family. At one point there was a 25 year span between my sister and I seeing each other. That pretty well tells the story. My Aunt Vina got me into reading, writing and art, yet she was gone by the time I was 16 years old. I was a closet writer for years, but have done so out of survival for longer than I can remember. Thanks for following my blog and I hope you check out some of my poetry as well. I know that you understand those reasons. Hugs Ann


  1. Thank you for stopping by and for the follow. Your story is really encouraging and I thank God for giving you an understanding spirit and a listening ear when your mentors were lecturing you. Sorry, I called them your mentor because they make you to understand many things you would not have understand at your age if they were not there. Any opportunity God give to connect with anybody, we should use it perfectly because such opportunity at times might not come again. I look forward to following you as well. May the good Lord continue to give you more wisdom and protection in every area of your life in the name of Jesus Christ. I appreciate!!


    • “a listening ear when your mentors were lecturing you”. I was never lectured, the things that have guided me throughout my life were the “teachings” of those who cared for me,earth, moon, sun, stars, beyond and the Great Mystery. You comment is appreciated very much and thank you for following me. ajm


  2. Thanks alot for following my blog! I am very thankfull that a person who has been writing for a long time and who is so passionate about writing actually gives attention to little hobby writers like me! 😀
    Thank you very much!


    • I appreciate the reality of your voice. I enjoy all writing as I know the effort that goes into creating a piece. Continue you writing, and don’t ever call yourself a “hobby writer” again. You are a writer, if you love to write, create, you are a writer. There are levels of writers, none of us will ever be a Steven King…but there will be a place for you in the writing world. Ann


  3. Very nice feeling after reading the best part of your childhood. – an inspiring and motivational upbringing indeed and that is revealed in your writing.

    Thanks and regards


  4. Ann, Wonderful picture on your home page . . . So many great and inspired story tellers have come out of the South – You stand in the midst of a great legacy . . . Hope you go on to write many great stories . . . Blessings, and thank you for taking the time to read some verses from a Pacific Northwest island . . .


    • It is my pleasure…I am still at this “age”…soaking up everything I can, reading is a joy to me. Thank you for stopping by, you can also find my work at Amazon.com noted in the side bar of my blog. Ann


    • Thank you for stopping by, you blog is enjoyable and I will continue to follow daily. It is almost a part time job but I try to visit all of my followers once a week and with over 1800 I stay busy. Ann


  5. Thanks so much for the follow and for the way you’re passing along not just your writing and your life, but your encouraging words to each of us fellow writers. Your words and your way of writing bring joy and insight. Thank you!


  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my Daphne painting. It was sparked by a poem by one of the finest Bulgarian poetesses, Stanka Pencheva. Since you are a writer, I thought I could share with you my translation of the poem, which also puts my artwork in perspective:


    The breath of the tree,
    deep, humid and pure
    enters my senses
    and me,
    one leaf at a time.
    Skin and bark,
    blood and sap,
    trunk and body,
    have now become one.
    Almost purified,
    almost tamed,
    awash in celestial waters
    in outstretched branches
    I hold
    the hours and days
    like birds’ nests
    and hear eternity
    pensively rustling
    through my leaves
    While the tree,
    by the bloodstream,
    by multiple voices,
    wounded by time,
    shaken by passions
    and hatreds,
    feels for the first time
    the frightful,
    sweet burden,
    the punishment,
    of being


  7. you sound like a nice lady, I like your blog very much. i found the comments page of ‘Panic’ closed, but I would just like to say how much I liked the poem. You’re no wallflower, you are woman, and women are the greatest of God’s gifts…I know…I married a woman 43 years ago and she amazes me as much today as then. I’ll be back if you don’t mind. 🙂


  8. thank you for the follow, Ann. I had a very good friend who moved from where I live, in the FL Panhandle, to Florence AL–which is pretty north to me!
    I, too, wished to comment on your poem Panic–yes, it resonated with me. So even though comments were closed–I loved it.


  9. Thank you for dropping by on your travels Ann, appreciate the follow look forward to following back, you had an interesting introduction to the art of story telling, I can’t wait to find out more from he brief visit I have had to your site, hopefully we can encourage each other and others to get engaged in story telling whether it is in prose or verse, hope I didn’t ramble too much.


  10. G’day Ann,
    Thank you for the like and follow, couldn’t leave without saying how much I enjoyed your The Passing of Time even though the comment section was closed 🙂


  11. Thanks so much for the follow! I’ve looked around the blog, and I must say, it’s very impressive! I’m looking forward to reading more of your writings!


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