A tribute to Paul F. Lenzi who brings sight, sound and feelings to his work giving his fans and followers inspiration when they find themselves wrapped in his words.
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"The Return of the Flame" Painting by Rene Magritte From “The Return of the Flame”
Painting by Rene Magritte

What fame is there
In tawdry scenes
Reality not drama
Famous figures
Behaving badly
Naked of inhibition
In the public eye
Fallow morality
Captured crudely
By the public lens

What shame is there
When character
Of lazy virtue
Shows transparent
No makeup masks
No costume cloaks
Conceal the truth
Iconic clay
Too limp to stand
Folds in on itself

What blame is there
For undeserved
Which part is ours
In sordid plays
Enjoying fools
Felled by folly
Miscast lives
Deluded by

Or is the headline
All that matters

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