Tongues of Fire…

The mind in a caged sleep, tears shed,

the thoughts of false caring that others

portray is a lie. Their spitefulness in

thought held captive the sleeping mind

not allowing it to wake. There are those

that cannot be trusted, they show concern

for their own selves and their own greed.

They are always on the prowl to take, take,

and take. They cause pain to the minds of

the blameless and find in it joy, their tongue

of fire knows not the truth. Yet, they will ask

you for your prayers, to engorge their own

needs. If they touch your life, it will never be

the same…

Run, Run, Run…






7 thoughts on “Tongues of Fire…

    • And I as I created it…as a loner (which most writers are), I have found “looks” judging me as well and tongues. I have little to converse when speaking as my head is constantly overflowing with words. I loved you post for that, just let me be me, right. Thanks Chatter have a great weekend. Ann


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