Jagged Words of Hate…

Words of hate destroy the

souls of those who speak them,


Do they really help bring final

separation, severance from life,

from truth, has but One reality,

one certainty…


On the dreamscapes of time,

chosen paths encounter many

illusions; look intently into the

pitch-black pool of life.

Try to see beyond that which is

touchable, is disillusion the fear.

Jagged words of hate are born

in the beastly nightmares of life.

They are broken remnants of our

inter-selves and the mind will deny

the images of what it will see or hear.

Those words of hate have reached

their destination and have destroyed

the soul intended now in isolation,

so let this be hates final separation.



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3 thoughts on “Jagged Words of Hate…

    • Yes Chatter, all is well…as you know by now my creativity in poetry comes from past and not present emotions or inward soulful experiences. I have worked for years to learn to appreciate what life has taught me and grow. I just grow slowly, and sometimes it includes the dark side. Have a great day, week and chat again soon. Ann

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