The Smile of Death

Cemeteries are not lonely, only graves filled with people who are silent, they cannot make you sad. In the darkness they hide; those two-faced people that in life others could not abide.

Many descending hearts that lay beneath, hearts ripped from the living soul. Standing over the graves you will find hypocrites shedding false tears, pretending to love or care all those years.

The innocent do not want to lie in coffins under the ground, surrounded by clay mounds of the dead; they prefer ashes scattered in a wildflower bed. The steps of death can never be heard, like a tongue-less person there are no words.

Motionless, the abused, the portrayed, wait for death and with a smile.



5 thoughts on “FRIDAY RELEASE…

  1. Marty I did not write anything abusive I was simply commenting on my opinion of what I got out of the post, and I still believe that telling someone to get over it exercise make an effort to be happy cannot fit all cases of depression. I felt many of the statements were offensive to me. I did not voice anyone’s opinion but my own. If I reported as abuse every one who made a comment that was not to my beliefs I would be reporting all day. It was not abusive behavior it was stating my belief just as you did back to me in your comments which I took as face value and felt no reason to report you as a critique of my writing or posts does not offend me. So, I am sorry that you felt I stepped on your toes but that’s freedom of speech. Thank you for your comment and I wish you a pleasant weekend. Ann Johnson-Murphree


    • Yes, I will address the article as I did not realize the “letter” was in the article…I will go back and read again. The “letter” within your post was quiet rash against depression, how to handle it and again old men. Your point is taken…and going forward you can “comment” all you want. I am done with this subject if you continue would you not say that is “harassment”? Thank you again for your comments and for following my blog your visits are appreciated and comments on the contents, as I will no longer continue to spend time about a previous post and comments. Have a good day. AJM


  2. Wow, the truth in this poem cuts like a sword. I mean how many people do not cry for themselves when pretending to cry for others during funerals? This is a writing with a moral.


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