Echoing Images from the Soul…


“Reflection on conception, an unwanted

Soul cast away because of greed. An

Image of the future, lost in time, starvation,

Did not kill the seed.”

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Echoing Images from the Soul

Beyond the Voices

Reflections of Poetry

Sachets of Poetry on Adoration, Anger, Asylums and Aspirations

Honeysuckle Memories

My Journey into Art



7 thoughts on “Echoing Images from the Soul…

  1. These times wait for the Baby’s breath to
    tingle the future with hope

    A lover is like a cool wind
    whose love leaps beyond all

    Happiness is in the breeze.


  2. Hi Ann
    You fought it all (the battles of life) to become an amazing woman, mother, poet and writer….inspiring! Am so glad for you and hope you wouldn’t mind if I borrow your profile details in teaching the young one’s around my place who’s life has a near resemblance to your earlier life, that they still can if they ‘will’ it…..and thanks for liking my poem ‘ Palm wine’
    Thanks and Godbless


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