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Echoing Images from the Soul

Beyond the Voices

Reflections of Poetry

Sachets of Poetry on Adoration, Anger, Asylums and Aspirations

Honeysuckle Memories

My Journey into Art





7 thoughts on “New in Paperback…

  1. First off–I love your title. Something about it called out to me from my childhood. So I went to Amazon and gave it a look-see. Usually, I buy ebooks, but I think I want a print copy of your book. I put it in my shopping basket and will buy it as soon as I have spent enough to qualify for free shipping. 😊


    • I hope that you enjoy this book of poetry that was born of many thoughts through my life’s experiences. Also, thank you for supporting my writing. I am now working on a book based in the south. ajm


      • I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. 🙂 The vast majority of my writing has a southern setting. You know the old adage–write what you know.


  2. Oh, nice works… I just was looking at your site… one book with your paintings were magical and full of life… I just downloaded that one… I’ll have to check out the rest here… 🙂


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