Fraught within an unfathomable sleep,

where my body cannot ascend. My mind

exposed, I could only hope that my soul

could defend.
I lay in a bottomless pit, jagged stones,

and cataclysmic spheres, granite walls

bearing slivers of gold. I felt no fear as

before me was a story never told.
Fragmented lives with faces unknown now

for eternity tied to their beds of stone, in

chorus their weeping voices called, you

are almost there. Do not look back for

you can never go home.
An answer came from the rattle of chains

tearing of wrist and ankles from hand

woven rope. Light could be seen from where

I stood, for those in the dark, no hope.
Hungry bodies, once full of life lay in a prison

of despair. Souls empty, their thoughts,

crushed minds filled with stories of those

who never cared.
Weary souls suddenly broke their bondage,

bodies of granite woven with golden threads.

Ran to the light then fell back to the bottom.

Shattered pebbles making ready for another

souls bed.
To wake myself was impossible in a dark place

my soul must stay. I fought to climb out of

the pit into the light to send disappointment

I touched a vivid sphere of light it was the from

the morning sun, my life was not over. There

was more grieving to be done…




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