Walk Don’t Run…

Life is a struggle daring
to dream under God’s blue veil, has
youth been wasted is that a bitter
truth? Days and nights wandering
through sharp valleys of pain,
climbing mountains built of turmoil.

Words left unspoken, knots of answers
left untied and the rough road of
living shows upon the bones of time.
Wind scattering feelings across the
land of hurt as tears fall upon the
dust of shattered soul’s remains.

Must one be cheated of any dream,
obtaining them are at times like
sewing together the fabric of life
with a rusty needle. Dream with
courage, liberation, refusing to
drink from the well of failure.

Life is a one way journey into the
future, walk, don’t run into the days
of end without taking time to believe
that dreams can come true. Walk,
don’t run into the day that will end
without dreaming of those that did
come true.


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6 thoughts on “Walk Don’t Run…

  1. “Knots of answers left untied”
    I agree Great Line!
    this is a wonderful tapestry of thoughts you have woven….
    Thank you…..I enjoyed it
    Take Care….You Matter…


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