The Declaration of Losing…

Losing is easy, winning
is a learned ability.

The day I was born was a loss
that was not easy, as my mother
in so many words declared “get it
away from me”!

I would learn that love does not
always grow within the womb, the
effect of my birth was that I
learned the ability to endure being

My daddy brought me back home after
three years of me living with his sister
in hopes that my mother would learn to
love me, that day was a loss.

The winning lesson learned from my
non-caring mother was that we must
accept many things in life, things
we cannot change.

Life is filled with mischances, the
loss of a love, a parent, and of
innocence, the loss of a sibling and
a child.

The declaration of losing is learning
to accept fate, overcoming hardship
and survive.



10 thoughts on “The Declaration of Losing…

  1. Having experienced the joy and gift of one’s own child’s birth I find this so hard to ingest…that one could so callously turn away their own flesh and blood. Then again, years later that is indeed what one of my sons did to their father. Humans have an innate ability to rationalize cause and effect as they will and move on from there.

    To start out in life unwanted by one’s own parent is unfathomable. Conception and rearing are not an accepted part of the package so to speak I guess…sad and makes me resent such an individual for their selfish disregard for the love of their own.


    • Your analysis of your experience shared with me is greatly appreciated. One has to become to terms with their past in order to “survive”. My thoughts and words shared are not unique within this world of shameful treatment of family by many, and although I did have those who loved me and encouraged me to succeed one’s past still haunts the recesses of the mind. There came a time when I stop keeping a journal and started placing my thoughts in the form of confessional free verse. I appreciate all of the personal agreements or disagreements from followers, their comments and critiques; from an individual such as yourself…I follow your writings carefully, I am thankful for your comment. Ann

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  2. Thank you, Ann, for the confessional free verse and your comment above to Don. I’ve been intrigued by the forms you use in your writing. Or perhaps I should say the forms your written confessions take as they’re written down. I don’t know. Have you written about this anywhere?

    I found your Declaration of Losing (and learning) powerful. Life offers a curriculum for each of us. The challenge is to accept it and make our way through each stage–hopefully stronger, wiser and a bit more human than we were before. Thanks for sharing your journey.



    • Thank you so very much…My thoughts which have taken on the form of poetry are in five paperback books at Trying to continue poetry while working on a fiction based on fact novel about a southern family. Thank you for following and commenting. Ann

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