Answered Prayers…

The previous post on May 25, “Praying in God’s Waiting Room” was a spontaneous piece created after two weeks of literally “praying in God’s waiting room”. Early this morning God answered my prayers for release of this family member, hearts are heavy and never will there be a “good” time…because we are never ready for this, but now those who loved him must be in life as strong as he was in death. Now, we must prepare to say goodbye to one who was loved.   Thank you followers for allowing this venue for those words. ajm  


15 thoughts on “Answered Prayers…

  1. I’m very sorry for your loss. It is always sad and horrible to say a final goodbye, even when you know it has to happen. Wishing you all the best in your time of grieving. I hope you have good memories of happier times.


  2. there’s absolutely nothing I can say to make it any better, and yet I will say this: you are not alone, for the whole wide world around you knows exactly how this feels.


    • I rarely use my blog as a venue for personal thoughts but I chose it at this time and yes, and of ne not being the only one with such circumstance…of that I am certain…it was my moment to share the passing of a quiet and sad man. I appreciate your comment. Ann


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