Praying in God’s Waiting Room…

Again, death is in the air, the room

is silent but the sound coming from

the hearts of those there speaks

loudly…stop we are not ready for this.

Death forces people to take leaps of

faith, see into the skulls of the one

fighting to live, pray that they are ready

to write these words on their souls…

the end!

In death no one knows the hour, hearts

stand still waiting for that last breath,

words fill the air from the silence…

stop we are not ready for this. Is death

this secret club that no one wants to join;

each on an invisible island trying to look

into the picturesque past?

In death the finality, the value of life comes

closer, a silent cry for help, help me, in

death everyone reaches for God…stop we

are not ready for this. Waiting…

the minutes become hours, the hours a day,

in the silence the spirit cries please let me go,

in the silence those who wait cry give us

another hour another day…is anyone ready

for this?


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15 thoughts on “Praying in God’s Waiting Room…

  1. This piece brought back memories of my mother’s passing. I was there. My mom knew she was dying and was looking forward to having peace in her life.


  2. Mother remained at the tipping point of death for 5 weeks. She just would not go but I sensed she had one foot on either side. I think she accepted the dying part but could not accept being separated from father and I. Her stubbornness prevails and father and me feel her presence all the time. I think she’s found a window…


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