The Certainties of Life…

Life is an uncertain race where

most people do no more than run

in place, there can be happiness,

sadness, and around every corner

a surprise; yet hope blooms.

Life is what one must create within

their allotted space, or sit on the

sidelines and wait leaving their journey

to fate.

Life is not all joy floating upon the

winds of time; there are rights and

wrongs; and unknown quandaries,

setbacks, and living means moving


Life quickly passes, fair and cloudy

days, laughter and tears, and then

the warmth of the sun subsides ones


Life may mean walking in the valleys

of despair until fate starts an upward

climb, living with happiness, or grief;

always trust the heart and mind.

Life lived in harmony with others, loving,

caring and expectations met; seeds of

livelihood sown, repentance locked away

for God to judge; we strive and labor until

we pass on.



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11 thoughts on “The Certainties of Life…

  1. Very beautiful. You have taken on great subjects with grace and clarity. I would like to read more poetry, I have also read Elizabeth Burns from Scotland this month and I enjoyed this v much. All the best


    • Thank you Stephen, on the right column you will find an area to click on that will take you to and my ebooks, click on the sample or look inside and you can view more of my work. Thank you for the kind support. Ann


  2. as I have reread your email so many times, I somehow knew
    I would feel your words on your blog 🙂
    I have not forgot to write you back, I am amazed at the beauty within so much strength in one person
    Thank you Ann….You a very special..beautiful woman….essence of humanity …
    ( I will write..just been a long weekend, I know no excuse, but its all I have in readable words 🙂 )
    Take Care….You Matter…


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