In the Mist of Grief…

Memories emerge from the darkness

of the night becoming one with my soul

like the rivers that flow into the sea.

These hours before dawn are like a cold

rain pounding into my heart.  The grief is

fierce as it raises then returns to consume

my spirit, assaulting my senses.  The depths

of my courage wounded, I am listing in a sea

of sorrow my life filled with more grief than

many can bear.  I search for a miracle, hope

merges with despair, is my destiny to lose

all that I have ever loved.  It is the hard cold

hour before departing this misery.





12 thoughts on “In the Mist of Grief…

  1. is my destiny to lose

    all that I have ever loved.

    I have often felt this way and have become very cynical and really find no consolation in the stupid Eastern religion stuff about the impermanence of all things. Often encapsulated myself and not get too attached. But I also think – enjoy it while you can and don’t be afraid to embrace for if I do the Great Taker wins completely.


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