From Pat Cegan at Source of Inspiration…a worthy reblog if you are in the process of a “rebirth” in your life.

Source of Inspiration


In the past, I have tried
to be open-minded, to respect
the other’s right to their
opinion and lifestyle. At times,
though, I have crossed the line,
too willing to give the person
the benefit of the doubt, to
allow them to blame me. Was
it a need to please rather than
a virtue? Was I unsure of my
own boundaries, thus could not
keep others from crossing them?

Today I know better who I am
and what I am willing to accept.
Doormat style has be abandoned,
replaced by a knowing of my
personal worth. Thank-goodness!

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One thought on “Over-Conscientiousness

  1. Beautifully expressed and with a message I can so whole heartedly applaud. Many of us are living so much longer now and life throws up so many more challenges and reasons to start again. It is very helpful to reach an age where we can and should cast aside some of the things which have gone before and which sap our energy, not feed it. Wise words…….thank you, Karen.


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