Casualties of Times

The homeless cannot sleep on

winter’s cold nights, they gather

around a burning barrel, men,

women and children, forgotten,

shattered and despised; in the

distance a baby cries.  Begging

for food, living on the streets, no

jobs to be found, families no longer

sound.  Government talks end up

in contradictions, poverty is the

prediction.   The spirit freezes,

fruit of labors rot, life squeezes and

struggles persist, bad luck smothering

heart and soul, hope ceases to exist.

Shifting winds turn into storms, will

the world grow wiser, or will it be

humbled and beaten back into servility?

Trust departed, a cardboard box in the

streets is where the homeless make their

beds, hope disappears and the future to

the homeless is dead.




15 thoughts on “Casualties of Times

    • Thank you Michael for the comment, and in the America we, I believe, have become a people to turn our heads looking the other way. Now, not everyone there are great people and organizations that help, but this country needs to look at what they have become over the past 20 years. A government that is so self centered that it can actually withhold votes, show openly that they do not care for the people who put them in office. Sorry, got on that soap box and lost track of time, the old age thing you know. 🙂 thanks again for stopping by. Ann


  1. it is very tragic… I stopped to chat with a homeless girl I see. Her boyfriend and dog hadn’t been with her for a week or more… turns out they plan to marry. He was in school. They still had no place to live though. Its a crazy, jumbled, mixed up place out there.
    don’t see this video as my bad…

    In March, 2012, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter outlawed serving meals to the homeless in city parks, citing health concerns as the primary reason for the ban.

    Chosen 300, a private charity with a mission to serve the city’s homeless, is in the midst of a lawsuit against the ban. They insist that the new regulations are harmful to the homeless community.

    “These laws are really designed to eliminate people out of plain view so that we can have this idea that the city doesn’t have a homeless problem,” said Chosen 300 executive director Brian Jenkins.

    The ACLU, which sued and won a temporary injunction against the new law, said the real reason for the ban is to protect the city’s image as a tourist destination.

    The federal lawsuit will be brought to trial early next year and both the city and Chosen 300 are working to resolve the standoff out of court.

    ~ Eric


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