The Adventurous Man

Born to be a wanderer since his birth,

born after untamed adventurous times,

his soul still fills with wonder and joy, he

continues to dream as he embarks down

another one of life’s unknown streams.


His thoughts never change whether he

sleeps or wakes the imagery warmth of

the sand on his naked feet or a salty breeze

upon his golden skin, still he dreams.  A

snowy mountain pass where eagles fly,

enjoying life only as he can, wandering

the banks of the rivers, sandy shores, he

embraces time this adventurous man.


He cries for the earth before it faced the

greed of man, his vision of the world, of God

and his soul, most who know him will never

understand.  Drinking from the stream of quiet,

his voice when heard is a mighty roar, spreading

calm and logic from shore to shore.


As the dark waste around him widens spreading

through rivers, valleys and streams, he holds

his vision of a surviving earth close to his heart.

This adventurous man believes in change, in

surviving, in hope, living in today and not the

past; living each moment as if it was his last.



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