Goodbye Mickey…


Mickey took me from black and white movies on the big screen into the future of color…the mischievous redhead boy that we would sit through the movie twice on Saturday morning.  We could go to the movies, buy popcorn and a soda for 50 ¢. 

Today Mickey is with all those he loved, singing, dancing and laughing, today he is God’s new entertainment!


Picture by The Associated Press


6 thoughts on “Goodbye Mickey…

  1. Look at how a man of small stature, enjoyed life so much and shared that joy of life over a long life.

    It is not the size of the man that counts it is the size and capacity of the heart.

    Nice sentiment


  2. Rest in peace, dear Mickey… and go on to have fun! I’ll miss you.
    Do you know, Ann, my father was partner of a Company owner of some Cinemas and I grown up at the Moovie. I’m always sorry when old friends pass away.


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