Beyond the End…

Like the Phoenix, I have lived long,

reinvented and rejuvenated from life

experiences, reborn in spirit, I ask; where

do I belong.  I stand alone, lived things

that too many are unknown.  Happiness

never found, worthless are my desires,

quiet kindling of the fires, burned by the

flame, born, dying, they are the same.  I

want to believe that the angels will be

there and in their arms I will ascend, I want

to believe that time will live beyond the end.


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8 thoughts on “Beyond the End…

  1. I felt your thoughts it seems as if I have them somewhere hidden so I don’t say out loud
    Wonderful Ann….very real to me
    Take Care…You Matter…


    • And you matter to me. I believe many of us humans feel the same in some way connected in our thoughts. I feel that there is an invisible thread connecting all of us. Your comments are always uplifting. Hugs Ann


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