Watercolor 10×12  ©2010.annjohnsonmurphree


Ask me not where a love

that has been taken goes;

maybe it slips slowly away

with the summer like a fading

rose.  Did it go peacefully to

sleep, unable to hear its lovers


Was it a love that heaven created,

sweet, fair, like a sandy beach, blue

sea, and salty air.  Quivering bodies

will no longer be able to keep each

other warm; they parted sorrowfully

under darkened skies during a midnight


Now each lay still in the dead of night,

alone, the light from one gone out.  Sunrise

and sunset, he  pretends to see her

soul fly, mesmerized, as the fragrance

of her bosom will never die.



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13 thoughts on “Mesmerized

  1. A beautiful poem, Ann; sensitive, emotional and yet a touch melancholic. I can’t help believing that Love never really leaves us, it just gets lost somewhere deep within our hearts. Take care, Chris.


  2. Touching, painful yet filled with so much meaning. One fact remains, we all come to go.
    love the use of words “he pretends to see her

    soul fly, mesmerized, as the fragrance

    of her bosom will never die.”


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