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1 MARZO 1947/2014

Posted on March 1, 2014


20140228-183413.jpgToday is my birthday and I want to be the one to give you a gift. 
Not the usual recipe, but a recipe chic, suitable for a recurrence and accompanied by an entire chapter of my book “The time went and cooking times (with a few hints) “and I hope it is a welcome gift and make you want to come look at the rest …

I confess to being one of those women who shop compulsive, but who is not? 
Once, when I was depressed, bored or insecure I felt euphoric or bought shoes, but it was because the store was in front of my a One Brand of footwear, which could be seen very well from my windows, so between a client and the other in three steps I was across the street and in the time that I used to drink coffee, here I gratificavo with a therapeutic pair new shoes. 
When I sold the shop the story is over there. With the shoes. Now I buy compulsively kitchen accessories and tableware. 
‘s a choice like any other, which usually I do not regret anything, although to be honest sometimes I felt a bit ‘of remorse, like the time Saint Tropez. 
It was not just crocodile tears for having spent a small fortune in futility, but something more. Now I will tell the story. 
Till a few years ago, we spent the first week of September in Juan les Pins and the daily ritual was roughly the same: was to stay on the beach all morning, lunch bord de mére, practically pieds dans l’eau and after a nap just to digest, spend the afternoon zonzonando each time in a different location on the French Riviera and Provence, where we stopped for dinner. 
This time, it was scheduled Saint Tropez, but it was a real reach hell because of the traffic – hour queue and miles of cars lined up – but we’re not stepping back, oh no, because we in fact we are very pragmatic trifles! 
Anyway finally arrive, but not before insulting traffic lights, drivers and French democratically also other nationalities, road signs, the Cote d’Azur in general and the stretch that we were following in particular. 
The town is just chic: easy parking fee, waterfront with elegant yachts and painters inspired and creative, elegant outdoor cafes , boutiques with prestigious brand names, creatures of both sexes delightfully busy looking around nonchalantly to be certain that you have noticed. 
listless Do peek at the windows, more to please my husband that for real interest in clothing stores, as that no one holds my current size if not Marina Rinaldi, which of course in Saint Tropez is outlawed and then you proceed on Rue Gambetta, perpendicular to the port. 
As guided by a primordial instinct, an atavistic appeal, sure like a salmon back the current, I headed straight for a store on the left, a little ‘dark, that I have not even seen the sign, swear, and there … here they are! 
stacked, piled, piled, grouped, stacked, abandoned here and there in a crowds organized chaos, there are hundreds of white porcelain objects, such as those of the old shop Rosanna, but more, in every shape, price and size, from the oven and not, in fact some gray powder, but it does not count, so laveresti them anyway. 
were so imaginative, unexpectedly needed, trivial or unusual choice, you can not resist! 
there I would not have even tried to resist, and of course I bought square pans with spoons combined with a small hole on the handle, as if it should hang, pirofiline individual, two mortars of different sizes with their pestles, terrine molds, each with a lid surmounted by an animal head: boar, hare, duck and pig. 
And then I do not know what else. But maybe you remember my awesome husband, who has dragged all my purchases in two bags of heavy plastic – strictly white – through miles of streets, then to the restaurant and back to the parking lot on the waterfront, while around him other more fortunate consorts casually held up designer bags definitely much lighter. 
Now you’ll want to know how to use square pans, right? With different types of honey, or mustard, jam or marmalade or with different grains and dried fruit in the hole of the handle of each spoon put on a string (maybe twine to tie the roast) and attack a card with the ‘indication of the contents of the pan in which it is intended, if not end up Scordo me too. 
course, my imagination and my husband’s muscular effort, it is worth the effort to prepare a dinner at the French. 
If you really are not in vein, I just put on the table a large plate of cheese, these are not necessarily French, its pretty big, at least to justify the purchase (and transport) square pans. 
according to some French cuisine is overrated, but I I find it interesting (I find it rather overestimated the French) and I like to measure myself every now and then with some flat transalpine highly effective and unusual taste but not too particular. 
reading the whole book you will find a lot of recipes vaguely Gallic a little ‘everywhere. 
If I were you I would try a few, they always look great because they go beyond much of our culinary habits and end up with the intrigue guests. 
So, pourquoi pas?

150 grams of bacon sliced ​​thin 
400 grams of lean ground pork twice 
200 grams of smoked ham (like Prague) sliced 
​​1 egg 
1 truffle medium (or 2 small) 
garlic, parsley, salt and pepper

Sheath with lard mold china oven leaving overflowing slices. 
With moistened hands I mix the ground beef with egg, 1/2 clove of garlic, or a whole one if you prefer and digested, reduced cream, a tablespoon chopped parsley, salt and pepper. 
divide this dough into three parts. The first to settle on the bottom of the mold on top of the bacon, the level and cover with half of the ham and half of the sliced ​​truffle. Above I spread another third of dough, pressing down so as not to leave gaps and I cover with the remaining ham and slices of truffle. 
Complete with the last third of dough and repeatedly beat the mold on the table (covered with a cloth I recommend it because it is made ​​of porcelain and my husband does not come back to Saint Tropez to buy another one if it breaks), fallback on the slices of bacon that I had left overflowing, incoperchio and bake at 180 degrees for about an hour and a half. 
then leave it to cool in the oven and pass it in the refrigerator for at least 6-8 hours before serving. 
One last thing: To make this even more rustic bowl you can replace the ham with roast pork in the oven. 
For this recipe use the mold with the boar’s head, but that’s okay also the one with the pig, or a sheet of aluminum on a simple casserole, if you have not yet visited Saint Tropez … “

Happy day to all, a good hug and March!


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