A Place of Adoration…

Inspiration, the design of life,

singing, forgotten in the night,

slivers of daylight.  Visions,

feathery wings swiftly take flight.

Images within the mind, phantom

sounds beneath the breast.  Smiling,

moans floats across plum skies,

impending destiny, beating hearts

rest.  shivering below that which is

divine, sacred bodies, loves shimmering






9 thoughts on “A Place of Adoration…

  1. So beautiful, Ann ~    Have you sent these wonderful poems to other publishers than Amazon?   You are amazing, Ann! Love, lyn


    • Yes, I have several small press submissions, they have a 2 to 6 month respond period, many cannot be submitted anywhere else until rejected or accepted. It is a process, but what do we have but time…right. Are you working on anything? Ann


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