Then the Tomb…

Conflicts rampant in the world,

musty tombs fill quickly; tales,

rhymes of the times, repeat of

ancient crimes.  Vanity, regret,

no joy, plagues fester from hate;

fools come in the night, rob virgins

of their innocent light; children

unable to live their lives.  Women

fair in looks, proud, hear their

laughter, jaded, men chase after!

The aged they smile, sing a little

ditty, old and forgotten…what a

pity.  Moralized and wise, sneer as

you may, their looks have faded away.

Their life of treasures lay in wait for

the vultures; respect the elderly…lost

in future culture.  Marble slabs rolled

back, the open earth consumes, fear,

death and then the tomb.




5 thoughts on “Then the Tomb…

  1. This is an amazing poem, Ann! So helplessly perceptive. Must be so difficult for you to go outside . Still, tranquility is tough to come by indoors too! What a good poem! “Then the Tomb”


    • Yes I know…I have several pieces that are to be read non-stop much like the reading of hard hitting poetry in the twenties and thirties. Your reading was correct no deffinent breaks. Then I was pleased with your comment of “sings and glides” and yes a sad story. R you critique was greatly appreciated; helps me in my continued journey into poetry. Ann


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