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While in the process of reading “13 Clan Mothers”, which is much like a guide to live by, I had gone to my local library and found “The Six Train to Wisconsin”.  The cover sparked my imagination, scanning through it quickly I was hooked by “Oliver is the keeper of her secrets”.

Set in Wisconsin where I live quickly took me to the reading area where half of the book was finished before I went to checkout.  Psychologically the writing commands that one continue to read, upon arriving home I did just that, finished the book.

Rarely do I read a book that quickly, I am a book a week person.  The Six Train to Wisconsin will take you on a ride through peacefulness and storms.  Today I returned it to the drop box near-by…and on to this review. Congratulations Kourtney you have created a loyal fan with this book.  How could I have missed it?

Ann Johnson-Murphree



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    • I did lots of research and fell in love with WIsconsin. I kicked off my book tour in Butternut last summer and plan to be back this summer too!


      • That only confirms how amazing Wisconsin is! Butternut is really far north. I’m hoping to visit a few of the southern cities and towns when I do a mini book tour in July.


  1. Ann, I am so delighted to hear that you stumbled across my novel and it grabbed your attention right there in the library! You are my dream reader–someone who love the story and finds the time to tell others about it. Thank you so much!


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