Creating Possibilities…

Let me find the river of forgetfulness,

give me a small patch of idleness,

and someone to love, pure air, serene

unexploited oceans.  Send me angels

with hope, time filled with mystery, the

means of understanding.  Let me

appreciate tearful prayers, lift the winter

and bring the spring light.  Let me not

fear the powerful ghosts in the nightfall;

let the extended hands of God shroud my

aching soul.  Let me gather beauty, have a

prideful heart, be a defender of those with

heavy hearts; lighten madness to match that

of a butterfly wing. Let me mirror happiness,

be unafraid of nightmares and unknown

things.  Echo my thoughts to the Heavens, let

me be an earthly beacon of dignity; help me

walk purposefully from age to age before dying

on the glittering sands of eternity.




11 thoughts on “Creating Possibilities…

  1. Oh my goodness–I hardly have words to respond. Beautiful, reverent, heartfelt, familiar and embraceable. Have a blessed day.


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