Don’t Waste Time…

Everything has an ending,

weakens and dies, youth

spent foolishly; time cannot

be bottled no matter how

much one tries.  The

sweetheart of your youth

within time is forgotten,

charms of the flesh go away,

bones age, cobwebs in the

brain, and dementia is rotten.

Hands once felt softness; old

eyes yearn, in wild youth flesh

burns.  Sweet youth of yesterday

withers, today old memories turn

bitter, bodies decay; no need to

worry it is the way.




16 thoughts on “Don’t Waste Time…

    • Look at it like either walking or running a path in a beautiful forest, it is just the next step. What you have to look forward too…is your step getting slower, but you enjoy the forest much more. Happy Birthday and thank you for commenting. Ann


  1. Beautiful poem. I enjoy my old memories (obviously). It’s so difficult to accept that ‘it is the way’ when I lose a loved one. Those are the memories that are bittersweet.


    • I agree, four years ago I lost two adult children one day apart! Bittersweet, yes, permanent pain, yes. The words are most times created straight from the soul. Have a wonderful day and I wish you beautiful memories. ajm


  2. You’re so right my friend…we shouldn’t waste time, precious in the moment, but sometimes cruel by its past…and as for tomorrrow, who knows? I might not even be here! But you must know how hard it gets at times to live only in the present moment…evene if we want to so badly, but some memories keep poping-up. Onyt time can mend broken hearts I guess…very nicely written, again. Have a nice week. Delvi.


  3. Great ode to past.. hmm gone with the wind I love the poetic images you have used ; particularly this verse: “Sweet youth of yesterday/ withers, today old memories turn bitter”…

    Cheers & thanks fro sharing, Aquileana 🙂


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