A Patchwork Life – Part 3


Living and Breathing a Patchwork Life…

“Who am I now?” the search continues, and yes there are too many sharing some form of grief that could be associated with my own, some greater, some less…I can only share my own story.   I appreciate the continued support of my followers in trying to convey mine.

We grow, we learn, we change throughout our lives; I am constantly shifting, searching for the meaning of my own personal self.  This in some way reflects a sense of control and maybe I can find my purpose before it is too late.

Nonetheless, a journey hand and hand with grief forces change; it is slow, it is painful …yes, everyone’s story is different.  My question continues to be, “Who am I now”?

Am I still the mother of five or only three?  Am I still a daughter even though I live with the fact that I was an unwanted child?  Am I still a sister even though my sister was my parents only child?  I sometimes tire of the questions from others, where are you from, do you have family and yes, I am a self-made loner?  Should life be nameless and faceless, I still question…”Who am I now”.

In grief, we find many people saying things that may hurt.  It is important to understand that it is not intentional.  These words of hurt are better than silence; silence hurts worse.

Therefore, my heart continues to be like a patchwork quilt, in keeping the memories alive it, my heart, keeps breaking apart and I keep trying to mend it piece by piece, I hope my experience; my words will help others in some small way with their own losses throughout their lives.



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