Thanksgiving Memories…

Dear Followers,

Until after the upcoming holiday “Thanksgiving”, this will be my last entry.  A sabbatical of sorts to rest and regroup for a couple of weeks, thank you for your support, I do look forward to continuing following all of you each day until I return with new material for my blog; Happy Thanksgiving wishes to you, as you enjoy the day with family and friends.

Ann Johnson-Murphree



11 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Memories…

  1. Wow Ann. I’m so sorry for your pain, thank you for sharing. Perhaps some solace can be found in getting those words out on paper. I too lost my mother, but we were on very different terms. I can understand how the holidays are difficult, for so many different reasons. I wish you blessings and peace for this Thanksgiving, I am glad you are taking the time for yourself.


  2. I don’t know, my mother hated me as well. It doesn’t really matter for me. She died in 2011. I can’t even remember if it hurt me or when, I mean that she hated me. I had a wonderful grandmother, and it matters that my grandmother loved me. Problem is rather, that the society can’t understand the concept of a mother that does not care for her children, that does not love her children. Since that concept may not exist, her children must take the blame. They must have done something wrong. One may not say anything against the parents. No matter what abuse they committed against their children. You can bet, I don’t care. And I will say it like it is. And if everybody forgets to breath because of the unspeakable and the unthinkable, so be it.


  3. Take the time you need to rest and re-energize. I’ll be happy to read more poems when you come back. What a heartbreaking poem above. thank you for sharing, connie


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