Time to Live for One’s Self…

One cannot live one’s life

totally for others, their greed,

their discontent will never end,

yet the takers do not return

love and caring; they only know

how to receive.

One must disappear and survive!



6 thoughts on “Time to Live for One’s Self…

  1. Great post my friend…I sure want to share it on my new blog, and also translate it in French for you and some readers, if you don’t mind…if you do mind, just tell me and I will erase the French part! I’ll be sure to say it’s from you…thanks…have a nice week…


  2. A reblogué ceci sur PARTAGER LA MAGIE – SHARING THE MAGIC and commented:
    ”Personne ne peut vivre sa vie totalement (et rein que) pour les autres, leur avidité…leur mécontentement ne se terminera jamais…mais les preneurs ne retourneront pas l’amour et la bienveillance. Ils savent seulement recevoir. On doit alors disparaître et (pour) survivre!’’ – Ann Johnson Murphree


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