Sands of Time…

Will truth rise from the sands

of time, greed, lies, war, killings,

the way of humankind, demands,

humanity never satisfied; has

freedom died.

Hatred unleashed by wagging

tongues, the printed word now

symbols of distrust, a festering

world filled with lies; has

freedom died.

Unfit air to breathe, cannot trust

what we read, proof that there is

no truth from cold official words,

no one to come to the peoples

aid, everyone’s afraid; has freedom


Where has hope gone, countless

hunger, lost  jobs and homes,

living in fear, will truth rise from

the sands of time; has freedom

died…Please God hear our cries“.  






11 thoughts on “Sands of Time…

  1. We’re living unfair and sad times, but I think we must do what we’re able to for making the hope grow in our life. A global change is pretty unbelievable, but a lot of little changes may become a great one. Good poem. Best wishes!


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