At my window the wind is shrilling,

great boughs on the pines strain,

dripping water, weeping in the rain.


Leaves wild, wet, flying, seeking,

sighing, it is fall, the season has

become old, the night moon is

silver, the days drenched with

sunlight of gold.


The emptiness looms around

me, the fireplace, a monster

with fangs of flames leaping;

the autumn chill brings seasons



Winter will soon be here, it invites

us to rest awhile, be idle, and let

our minds stray, dream of warm

beaches, blue waters and white

foamy bays.


The willful chimes of our memories

are like melancholy bells, echoing

the past, the lingering sweetness of

time; of valleys, we have walked

through and mountains we have



Remember all the lovely things

beloved in days gone by; embrace

life, accept trials and tribulations,

be grateful for whom and where

you are today; smile.





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