One of the Hardest Things To Hear

Please, if you pray keep Terry close to your thoughts, if not, think of her, compassion travels through space and time melding all of us together as one. Thank you, Ann

Who I am

I am not going to make this long. I will just say that Al has not felt good for a few days. In his words, he says he fills funky. He has not eaten well for a few days. Today at his Day Program he blacked out and fell forward.

The Hospice Nurse just left our house. I want to take her simple and polite words and dissect them to death but I have to remain sane. I knew something wasn’t right when she made me leave Al’s room to talk to me.

I can still hear her words exact. ” Has he been talking about dead people? Has he mentioned anything about not being here long or taking a trip? I couldn’t find a pulse but did find a weak one in his feet. He may sleep a lot now. If he doesn’t want to eat or take his…

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