God Lives Hear…

In grief sorrow gathers

memories into clusters

of time; they hideaway

deep within the mind,

spirit and soul pray; yet

the heartache never goes


A black bell tolls upon

silent ears, the soul tries

to protect the human

spirit from fear, this is the

hour of mourning, a mist

of idle breath, and tears

fall upon the brow of


Kneel beneath the heavenly

crown, remembering the

love as the eyes cast down;

loss, pain and tears battle

evil and good throughout

the years, wounds that

cannot heal; demons within

are soon revealed.

Love must dwell in a special

place, life must be lived with

grace; raise the voice to

heavens and sing, think only

of the joys the memories


Go into the future with a grateful

song; let the tears disappear, rid

life from unwanted fears, because

God lives here.




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