Old-World or New,

errors, wrongs and

lies, do we live under

falling skies, is there

anyone that understands


King and Court of this

hostage land, it does not

belong to you, your

language is dumb; many

tire from the beating of

your power drums.

You have created an ominous

atmosphere, your ranks grow

larger, your resentment runs

deep; you have brought

carnage upon the minds of the

people and they live in fear.

You speak of gloom and doom,

you put panic in the hearts of

free people ; be aware that your

decisions are destroying what

has been built over hundreds of





16 thoughts on “Democracy…Really?

  1. I guess you’re complaining about the US government, but you could write exactly the same poem talking about the Spanish one (an unbelievable disaster) and dozens of other governments around the world. Politicians have lost any human empathy… Good job!


  2. In many ways the scenario is no different in India. At least in the US the law and order system commands respect citizens have some faith. In India it is absolute chaos – citizens have no faith in the government 90% of the politicians are corrupt – there are over a 100 political parties all vying for a share of the proverbial pie!

    The promise of freebies and creating a welfare-state and reducing citizens to puppets is what is happening! Dynasty politics, petty fights among the 1000 castes and communities, language and cultural differences and mass migration of people from the eastern and northeastern states to rest of the country are some issues that the country grapples with!

    As always a beautiful poem 🙂


    • Thank you Sheri…you are right if you are placing the “Media” into that basket; and literary using the definition of the word there are many works of government “fiction” written to terrorize the people of all countries. I must apologize that this post is still up front, it has received many comments but I believe we as American citizens are tired of the actions of our elected officials. I am busy on a book and have not placed a new post on my site. I want to move on, away from this subject, as our elected officials should! I enjoy your site, keep the excellent reports coming to all of us, your fans and visitors. Ann


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