Living Within the Memories…

When shadows of the night are

moving across the walls where

I sleep, tears freely flow and the

mind opens my long-shut heart.


Secrecy of the past fuses with

crimson flames now unconfined,

my trembling being lays silent in

the shadowy night; my sorrow

mingles with lost faith in love.


The moon threads silver cords

through yielding clouds

suspending these rays above

the landscape, I sit by the cooled

hearth, silent in my cocoon of pain.


Memories filled with passion

threaten to burst from the chasm

of my being; your voice rides with

the breeze through my open

window, taunting me; echoing

your last words without explanation…





10 thoughts on “Living Within the Memories…

  1. Ann, this is a very passionate poem. I was reading it slowly in my mind and I felt the pain and loss and sadness from this. Thanks for sharing. cnw


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