A Bright and Shining Star…thank you for sharing this message.

My Bright Shining Star

This is something I posted on my Facebook this morning.

I try so hard, I really do, when I’m strong enough, to make the best of losing Kaitlyn, by trying to make sense out of the senseless, by trying to shout to the world about the stigma of depression, by thinking she must be happy and at peace now at least. But more often than not, like today, I just wake up to realization slamming me in my heart each day that she is gone senselessly. I look at the family photo we have hanging on the wall and remember that the one in the center is no longer HERE. This is the absolutely most senseless thing that I could ever have imagined and NO one, no one really knows just what a beautiful person was that was lost. All that loved her, her family, and friends, everyone whose life…

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