Thank you Allison Grayhurst…

allison grayhurst


I want to dedicate this post to Allison Grayhurst, this prolific poet has recently provided her followers and the general public who visits her website, nine… free eBooks (Kindle) of poetry.  I want to use this post to thank her for her generosity.

These books are:

Book 1: Journey of the Awakening
Book 2: The Longing to Be
Book 3: Death and Other Possibilities
Book 4: Outliving the Inevitable
Book 5: Into My Mortal
Book 6: Red thread – Black Thread
Book 7: The Many Lights of Eden
Book 8: Pushing Through The Jelly Fire
Book 9: The River is Blind

Allison has had over 275 poems published in more than 160 literary magazines in Canada, the U.S., United Kingdom, India and Australia. Her book, Somewhere Falling was published in 1995 by Beach Holme Publishers, a Porcepic Book. Since then she has published ten other books of poetry and four collections with Edge Unlimited Publishing. Allison’s recent chapbook was published by above/ground press, December 2012.  She is also a sculptress.

Please check out all of Allison’s wonderful, mystical, exciting work, follow her website, purchase her work at


Thank you again Allison for continuing to give your fans, followers and the public a reason to read and keep poetry alive.     Ann Johnson-Murphree