Reflections of the Season…

I watch, from a shoreline at

autumns pulsating marshes

where motionless in an idle

stream; swam a Swan with

graceful black wings.

A Red-Tail Hawk circled; flying

high over Oak and Popular

trees, then a song sweeter

than any I have ever heard

came floating from among

the reeds.

Beautiful birds a long voyage

ahead for some; their winter

home in southern lands until

their Spirit says that it is Spring,

no need to linger long as the

season to come will be


The day warm and sunny, Gods

paintbrush had provided a

Heavenly scene, winter silently

waits, a season that I love; but I

push forward in my mind visions

of spring.





9 thoughts on “Reflections of the Season…

  1. I love this. Your words made me feel serene; much needed after a long, boring day at work. You awakened my imagination! 🙂


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